• The Capitol District

    District 35 is located in the heart of the capital city and includes the North Dakota State Capitol. We are proud of the quiet, safe neighborhoods, small businesses and great schools that lie within our borders.

It is an immense honor to serve the people of District 35 in the North Dakota Senate. The diversity of those I represent - young and old, working and retired, public employees and small business owners, teachers and students, Republican and Democrat, men and women - is a challenge I humbly accept. They deserve a Senator who respects their opinions and perspectives even when we may disagree, and my commitment to each person who calls this district home is to work to the best of my ability on his or her behalf.

KXMB: Former Homeless Man Gets Job at Capitol

By Steph Scheurer, Reporter, KX News The legislative session is a busy time at the Capitol… Your parking spot on the grounds may be the last thing on your mind but it’s the first on someone else’s. When you walk into the West entrance of the capitol, the first face you’ll see is Mark Johnstone. …

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KFYR-TV: Reactions to 2014 Election Results

By: Jessica Roose, KFYR-TV Candidates and those for and against the initiated measures are evaluating what went right and what went wrong. It wasn’t a huge surprise that Erin Oban won the district 35 senate seat. But, it was one of the few races democrats could cheer about on election night. Oban was surprised by …

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KFYR-TV: Oban Looks to Future After Capturing District 35

By: J.R. Havens, Jessica Roose In one of the most competitive state legislature races – District 35 in Bismarck – democratic challenger Erin Oban ousted republican incumbent Margaret Sitte. Oban talked about the big win and what it means for her and the people she represents. Oban: “I don’t think it means as much to …

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