• The Capitol District

    District 35 is located in the heart of the capital city and includes the North Dakota State Capitol. We are proud of the quiet, safe neighborhoods, small businesses and great schools that lie within our borders.

It is an immense honor to serve the people of District 35 in the North Dakota Senate. The diversity of those I represent - young and old, working and retired, public employees and small business owners, teachers and students, Republican and Democrat, men and women - is a challenge I humbly accept. They deserve a Senator who respects their opinions and perspectives even when we may disagree, and my commitment to each person who calls this district home is to work to the best of my ability on his or her behalf.

KX News: Poll Finds North Dakota A ‘Top Moderate State’

By Corina Cappabianca, Reporter A recent Gallup poll finds North Dakota is becoming a more moderate state. The study finds 41 percent of its participants identified as conservative, 40.8 percent as moderate, and 13.5 percent as liberal. The percentage of self-identified moderates is up 3.9 percent from last year’s poll. Self-identified conservatives dropped by 1.9 …

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KFYR-TV: Senators Address Sexual Orientation Bill

By: Jessica Roose, KFYR Before senators voted on a bill to add sexual orientation to the state human rights act, they discussed why some felt it is needed. “This is a bill that truly states North Dakota values, respect and acceptance of all North Dakota people. Regardless of who they truly love,” Sen. Carolyn Nelson, D-Fargo. But, …

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Bismarck Tribune: ND Senate passes bill banning discrimination based on sexual orientation

By Nick Smith, Bismarck Tribune The North Dakota Senate narrowly approved a bill banning discrimination in the state based on sexual orientation Tuesday following a debate on the merits of providing such protection in law. Senate Bill 2279 passed by a 25-22 vote despite receiving a do-not-pass recommendation in committee. SB2279 bans discrimination based on …

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