• The Capitol District

    District 35 is located in the heart of the capital city and includes the North Dakota State Capitol. We are proud of the quiet, safe neighborhoods, small businesses and great schools that lie within our borders.

I’m running for the State Senate because the people of District 35, the residents of Bismarck, and quite frankly, so many across our state deserve better than what they’re getting.  I want to help restore desperately needed balance, common sense and moderation to a legislative body that has become anything but.  It’s time for new energy and fresh perspective in District 35, and that’s certainly something I will bring to the North Dakota Senate.

Letter to the Editor: Erin Oban fights for good causes

By LINDA KEYS, Bismarck Erin Oban has the talent, insight and common sense to be one of North Dakota’s upcoming leaders. She will bring these traits to the state Legislature when District 35 elects her. When I first met Erin, I understood quickly that she is someone who cares for people in all walks of …

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KFYR-TV: Bismarck’s District 35 Senate Race Heats Up

By Jessica Roose, KFYR-TV There is about $100,000 being spent between candidates who want to represent residents in the District 35 Senate race in Bismarck. If you live in the portion of Bismarck that is represented by District 35 then you have probably seen your fair share of campaign signs for senate candidates Erin Oban …

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A little help from Grandma


Growing up in North Dakota, I was taught you help your neighbors, you respect people even when you disagree, and you work together to get the job done. I also learned that a little good old-fashioned common sense goes a long way. With the generous support of people like you, (and a little help from my grandma), …

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Former teacher good for Senate

By Danielle Finn, Bismarck Everyone has had one teacher whom they look up to the most. For me, that teacher was my junior high math teacher, Erin Oban. Oban is genuine, hard-working and kind. These three characteristics are just a few of the many that she demonstrated to her students every single day that I …

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Letter to the Editor: Vote on the issues, not partisanship

By Buzz Hudgins, Bismarck People — think! I’ve always considered myself a business-minded Republican. This does not mean, however, that I blindly vote for the party’s candidates. I have the ability to think independently, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates from both sides of the aisle and cast an educated vote. I have …

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