• The Capitol District

    District 35 is located in the heart of the capital city and includes the North Dakota State Capitol. We are proud of the quiet, safe neighborhoods, small businesses and great schools that lie within our borders.

It is an immense honor to serve the people of District 35 in the North Dakota Senate. The diversity of those I represent - young and old, working and retired, public employees and small business owners, teachers and students, Republican and Democrat, men and women - is a challenge I humbly accept. They deserve a Senator who respects their opinions and perspectives even when we may disagree, and my commitment to each person who calls this district homeĀ is to work to the best of my ability on his or her behalf.

Interim Judiciary Committee: Voter Registration

I attended my first interim legislative meeting yesterday as a member of the Interim Judiciary Committee. I selected that committee, even though I didn’t serve on it during the regular session, because 1.) it’s always good for me to learn new things, and 2.) this committee was assigned to study voter registration and recent changes …

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Omdahl: Female legislators speak up about representation

From the Bismarck Tribune: Recently, a number of female legislators agreed to share their insights about serving in the North Dakota Legislative Assembly. None of them suggested that 30 percent of the men give their seats to women to equalize representativeness for 51 percent of the population now holding only 19 percent of the assembly. …

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KXMB: North Dakota Officials React to Heimdal Derailment

By Corina Cappabianca, Reporter This session the state legislature did pass a measure to allocate about half-a-million dollars toward a rail safety pilot program. That bill also funds the salaries of two state rail inspectors. One will focus on tracks, the other on mechanics. Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak says this is a “great first …

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Bismarck Tribune: Lawmakers deem session a success

By Nick Smith, Bismarck Tribune Local lawmakers deemed the 2015 legislative session a success despite entering it with higher expectations that were disappointed by more stringent prioritizing as oil prices, and their projected tax revenues, dropped. Bismarck-Mandan lawmakers said they were able to quickly adjust to a revenue picture that soured shortly after their arrival …

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